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As employees, you have information records feeding several systems that require your legal name, including but are not limited to: IRS, Immigration, and Health and Retirement Benefits systems. Additionally, these systems may also record other names by which you are known. VCU will utilize your legal name (regardless of your designated name of use) for all systems for which it is required to do so. It will also provide other names by which you are known by (including your name of use) if required. If you do not have a U.S. social security number or International Taxpayer Identification Number, please email myname@vcu.edu to receive further guidance.

Update my name I’ve made my changes

Things to Consider When Making This Decision

Entering a name of use publically into the VCU system that is different than your legal name is a significant decision. A change of this type impacts a large number of systems and processes both at VCU and beyond. We want you to make the most informed decision possible about whether entering into a public system a name of use other than a legal name is the right decision for you.

  • Once you make this change, VCU will utilize your name of use wherever applicable. That means that this is how VCU will know you; how faculty, staff and other students will search for you and how VCU will address you in official communications, including in mail that is sent to your permanent address (i.e. your parents’ home). Please keep in mind that employees’ information is also available to people outside of VCU through the online directory.
  • This is a VCU only change. That means while you will be known in VCU systems by your name of use, updating VCU systems does not update systems outside of VCU. You will need to make any updates to systems outside VCU directly, and some may require you to provide proof of legal name change in order to update your information. It is your responsibility to coordinate your name with all other legal documents (driver’s license, passport). Changing your name through VCU systems is *not* the same as going through a legal name change. Please go to The National Center for Transgender Equality’s Document ID Center for information if you are interested in changing your name. 
  • Your professional organizations may have a different name for you; you are responsible for informing them about your name of use if you wish to do so.
  • Your professional achievements may be known by multiple names and, thus may require explanation and/or integration of this information.
  • Your applications for jobs and/or graduate school may have a different name for you. You are responsible for informing both the future institution and your recommenders. We recommend that you communicate clearly with individuals who may recommend you about your identifying information at VCU and outside VCU, as needed. 
  • If you use your VCU ID as your voter ID, your VCU ID name must match the voter register. You can obtain a VA state ID at the Virginia DMV if you choose to change your VCU ID and are in need of an official ID with your legal name. 
  • VCU will release your legal name only when necessary or required to do so. The law requires VCU to release certain records in response to lawfully issued subpoenas, to public records requests under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and as part of required reports to certain state or federal agencies.
    • Students: VCU will notify you if it receives a request or subpoena for records containing your identifiable information, including records of any name other than your name of use, and provide you the opportunity to object. You should familiarize yourself with VCU’s policy on student privacy under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): https://rar.vcu.edu/records/family-educational-rights-and-privacy-act/.
    • Employees: FOIA requires VCU to release a copy of your employment contract ,if applicable, as well as “records of the name, position, job classification, official salary, or rate of pay of, and records of the allowances or reimbursements for expenses paid to” the university. In addition, the Virginia employee salary database pulls data from the Virginia Department of Human Resources (DHRM) to populate its online database. These are some of the more likely situations that may lead to release of records of your names to the public.
    • This means VCU will not intentionally out you as using a name different than your legal name. However, because your name of use appears  throughout VCU systems, and VCU may also retain records that display your legal name, it is likely others may find that you have more than one name.
  • Your legal name will remain in specific records such as financial aid, your academic transcripts, your tax documents, your immigration/visa documents, and your health insurance so you may receive some communication from VCU that utilizes your legal name.

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