At VCU, Diversity Drives Excellence

That means we at VCU are committed to putting our values into action. One of the ways that we make inclusion real is by recognizing that individuals have the right to use names other than their legal name, to identify with the gender they know themselves to be and to utilize the pronouns that best fit them.

Starting July 10, 2020, individuals will be able to provide their name/name of use, gender/gender identity and pronouns through the Banner system.

VCU has added three new fields: name/name of use, gender/gender identity, and pronouns to eServices/Banner. This is a multi-phase, multi-year process, which includes ongoing updates as VCU platforms continue to evolve. Ultimately, VCU will update all of its platforms to utilize these fields. Immediately, each person can go to their eServices page and put in their information at any time.

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Entering a name of use in Banner that is something other than your legal first name is a significant decision. This change impacts a large number of systems and processes both at VCU and beyond.

For Students

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Read about whether entering a name of use other than a legal name is the right decision for you.

For Employees

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