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At VCU, diversity drives excellence. That means we at VCU are committed to putting our values into action. One of the ways that we make inclusion real is by recognizing that individuals have the right to use names other than their legal name, to identify with the gender they know themselves to be and to utilize the pronouns that best fit them. For example, people may use a name that: affirms their gender identity, is a middle name, is an anglicized name, is a birth or marital name, or is a nickname. VCU allows for all persons to provide their name/name of use, gender/gender identity and pronouns through the Banner system. VCU uses the language of “name of use,” to recognize that everyone has the right to use the name they choose without having to explain or justify that decision.

VCU has added three new fields: name/name of use, gender/gender identity, and pronouns to eServices/Banner. In a multi-phase, multi-year process; ultimately, VCU will update all of its platforms to utilize these fields. Immediately, each person can go to their eServices page and put in their information at any time.

In the initial phase, name of use will become a public directory field and a large number of major university systems will utilize these new fields. This shift is a complex undertaking, and while many teams have worked diligently to anticipate all possibilities, there may be initial procedural irregularities. If you have any problems, please email myname@vcu.edu with your concerns.

This website provides information about these processes.

What's New

If you need assistance completing the eServices change, please email myname@vcu.edu.

Description for Name/Name of Use

This is a field where you can input your first name as you wish it to appear. This name along with your legal last name will be your full name with the university. Do not write in your last name. At this time, VCU will continue to use legal last names as the last name for all of us.

You can put in a name that has multiple parts, including middle name(s), initials and punctuation.

Your name will be used exactly as it is entered. We will not separate out middle names or initials. Please enter your name exactly as you wish it to be displayed. Middle name will no longer be an included field.

Do NOT enter anything into this field other than a name you use. For example, do not enter "Not applicable" or "n/a." If you do not input anything into the Name of Use field, then the system will create your name using your legal first name and legal last name. If you wish to have middle name(s) or initials displayed, provide a name of use to ensure your name is always displayed as you wish.

Gender/Gender Identity

This field has a dropdown menu from which you can select one best option for yourself. Go to the definitions page for specific definitions of the included options. This is not a required field. We encourage everyone to select the option that best fits them. If you do not find your gender/gender identity listed, please select not listed and email myname@vcu.edu with the appropriate gender/gender identity for future updates to the system.


This field has a dropdown menu from which you can select one best option for yourself. This is not a required field. We encourage everyone to select the option that best fits them. If you do not find your pronoun listed, please select not listed and email myname@vcu.edu with the appropriate pronoun for future updates to the system.

Timeline for Activation

Once you input your information on your eServices page, you can generally expect systems to update within 24 - 48 hours. The following systems will update automatically (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Banner (eServices)
  • Canvas (The migration to Canvas is ongoing. Changes in that system may be delayed).
  • MyVCU portal
  • Resident Management System (Residential Life & Housing)
  • Membership Management System (Recreational Sports)
  • VCU G Suite by Google Cloud
  • Your Mylibrary account and logons to library computers (VCU Libraries)
  • HR Redesign enrollment site
  • Talent@VCU
  • The following systems will require additional action once you have entered your information into eServices:
  • eID (Identity Management): Changing your eID requires university authorization. Please go to Changing your eID for specific instructions.
  • VCUCard: Individuals who want a new card issued with their name of use can go to the VCUCard office to obtain a new card (there is a $10 processing fee).You must surrender your old VCUCard to avoid an additional $10 lost card fee. For students who need financial support to obtain a new VCUCard, please email vcudean@vcu.edu. For those who wish to display their name of use on their VCUCard but need an ID with legal name, for example, for voting purposes, you can obtain a Virginia state ID at the Virginia DMV (DMV has a processing fee).

Additional platforms will also update. Please email myname@vcu.edu to inquire about a specific platform not listed above.

Gender Identity Terms