Call Me By My Name is an initiative that allows VCU to recognize you by the name, gender and pronoun by which you identify.

VCU has been working on this implementation for several years. We reached a point where we had the technological capacity and were able to put the systems in place to do this in an effective and sustainable way.

In 2020, VCU added three new fields to eServices/Banner:

  • Name/name of use
  • Gender/gender identity
  • Pronouns

VCU students and employees can go to their eServices page and provide their information at any time. 

What does 'name of use' mean?

VCU uses the language of "name of use" to recognize that everyone has the right to use the name they choose without having to explain or justify that decision. VCU will generally use this name for you when communicating to you and others.

People may use a name that:

  • Affirms their gender identity
  • Is a middle name
  • Is an anglicized name
  • Is a birth or marital name
  • Is a nickname

Which VCU systems recognize name of use?

Currently, name of use, gender and pronoun fields are utilized across a large number of platforms and offices at VCU. To see which offices support these fields, and which ones use an individual's legal name and legal sex, visit the What changes page.

In a multi-phase, multi-year process, VCU will ultimately update all of its platforms to utilize these fields. 

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email myname@vcu.edu.